Universal Magnetic

Our Universal Magnetic version was developed to offer a quick and hassle free solution to visible barriers. The "MD48SA" versions T shape allows it to be used on any enclosure 4" deep or deeper. When aligned with the edge or front of the enclosure, the technician is assured that they are well within the suggested legal boundaries. Made of a non-conductive material with limited memory, the "MD48SA" can be transported throughout the workplace without the worry of bending, breaking or warping. This unbreakable material makes it the ideal choice for the harsh conditions that are associated with the industrial workplace.

The "MD48SA" has a small magnet precisely milled into a bracket on the end, allowing the technician to adjust in any direction needed and use a plastic safety chain with a metal end to effectively "close" the area between the arms. This method also ensures a quick and safe point of egress as the chain will simply fall away in case of an emergency.


For enclosures that are available frequently, the "PM48SA" version ensures that there is always a barrier accessible. When not in use, the arms can be left in an upright position. As the technician needs a barrier, they simply pull out on the arms and they will fold down to a perpendicular position and lock back in place. The "PM48SA" version also has a magnet on the end to effectively "close" the barrier area.

Stainless Steel Enclosures

To address the issue of stainless steel enclosures so common in the food and beverage industry we offer a couple of solutions. First, by using the same mounting module as the "PM48SA" arms can be mounted permanently or taken on and off as needed. This module is simply mounted with four bolts and nuts using a provided template. We also offer a machined steel plate that could be mounted to enclosures plant wide, making the utilization of the magnetic versions possible. This allows the user the flexibility of using fewer sets of arms for multiple locations as needed. When mounted vertically to disconnects or shallow enclosures this plate also allows the "MT48SA" units to be used.

Free Standing

For applications that deal with voltage greater than 600VAC, we offer our free standing unit (FSU1SA). When the desired distance is determined these units can be placed accordingly. This collapsible aluminum stand folds out and is self supporting. The arms simply snap into precisely milled grooves that hold them securely in place. These units also have magnets incorporated in them to use the safety chain to establish visible barriers. All units come standard with a 10' piece of safety chain and two ends. Custom lengths may be ordered for special applications.

All Safe-T-Arm products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.
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